Swiss Clipper

Swiss Clipper The Wenger Swiss Clipper is an interesting model featuring a fold out set of nail-clippers.
There are several different handle colors available.
This model is also known as the Wenger NailClip 580 in some markets.

Layer Tools

EvoGrip Swiss Clipper
EvoGrip Swiss Clipper

Scale Tools


EVO synthetic scales were standard.
Soft Touch, EvoGrip and brushed stainless steel scales were also available.


The EvoWood NailClip 580 was introduced in February 2012, and does not include the toothpick or tweezers.

Swiss Clipper Colors
More colours and Softtouch scaled model
More colours and Softtouch scaled model



  • 16930 US Model Number: Red EVO synthetic scales
  • 16959 US Model Number: Watermelon Translucent Pink EVO synthetic scales
  • 16962 US Model Number: Plum Ice Purple Translucent EVO synthetic scales
  • 16970 US Model Number: Pastel Pink EVO synthetic scales
  • 16830 US Model Number: Brushed Stainless Steel scales
  • 16832 US Model Number: Black Soft Touch EVO synthetic scales
  • 16804 US Model Number: Red EvoGrip scales - aka EvoGrip NailClip 580
  • ????? US Model Number: Lime Green scales
  • ????? US Model Number: Ice Blue scales
  • 1.580.011.814 Wenger AN: Black Soft Touch EVO synthetic scales

Related Knives 

  • Swiss Clipper AT - Airline Travel version, micro-screwdriver replaces small knife-blade.
  • Esquire - does not include the Nail Clipper.

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