Various Keyring Attachments
Various Keyring Attachments

Known as the Keyring tool, this is really a way to provide an attachment point for the knife. The attachment point is suitable for any Split-ring, such as a key-ring, and the small split-ring usually supplied with the knives provides a larger attachment point that is suitable for a lanyard or simply connecting to a keyring.

The Keyring can been seen as a replacement for, or alternative to, the Shackle or Bail attachment mechanism that was used mostly in the past. Victorinox also used a Hollow Rivet as an attachment mechanism between 1964 and 1992.

Some knives use a hollow rivet in the construction of the knife and expose this through the scales. This allows a lanyard to be attached by simply threading it through the rivet.

The knives with a USB Flash Drive have a different split-ring attachment point on the Flash Drive cover/release.

Early 84mm Brass Keyring Attachment
Early 84mm Brass Spacer/Keyring attachment.

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