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Victorinox translucent colors with their solid colored counterpart. The Swiss Army Knife will forever be associated with its red handles and being the little, red pocket toolbox.

Whilst red is the most common colour for Swiss Army Knives, it is not the only colour in which they are available. Victorinox and Wenger both offer a rainbow of colour choices for their many and various models. For both companies, the smallest models are the ones that are available in the widest variety of colours: Typically these being the Victorinox Classic and the Wenger Esquire models. However, larger models are also often available in a few different colour options.

The Victorinox Alox range are offered in a very wide variety of beautiful, annodised scale colours, particularly for the Pioneer and Farmer models. Consequently, collecting the Alox colours is a theme for many Swiss Army Knife collectors.

The Wenger 85mm Evolution models also offered various colour options for these innovative scales.

The details in this Wiki page summarise colour options up until the early to mid-201Xs; many of the non-base colours listed below (ie. not red, black, blue, yellow etc), are no longer available. However, after that time, the Victorinox colour and scale options continued to expand, for instance with the Annual Alox Limited Editions, the Classic SD Annual LE Series, the 2021 Classic Colours Collection and the 2021 Precious Alox Collection. For more details see the Variations and Identifiers sections on the Classic page.

Victorinox Colours

Cellidor (Plastic) Scale Colours

Note: Most of these colours, apart from the core base colours (ie red, yellow, green, blue, black, white), are no longer available - However see the top section for links to information on currently available colours.

Despite being the most common colour of SAK, Victorinox has the fewest shades of red available. Only red and ruby (translucent red) are found in this group.

The Orange Group includes four shades including some browns. The group is: Translucent orange; Taupe; Electric orange; and Rust. Upon further examination and research, some translucent brown models are definitely a faded onyx rather than a separate colour by itself. There is continuing debate regarding if all translucent brown scales are faded onyx! - See the link in the first comment at the bottom of the page for pictures and discussion.

Victorinox offers the following yellow shades: Yellow; Pale yellow; Citrine (translucent yellow); and Lemon yellow. The lemon yellow is a brighter, softer shade of yellow than the pale yellow which actually appears to have a hint of brown in it.

The Green Group from Victorinox provides six shades: Pale green; Retro green; Hunter green; Emerald (translucent green); Sage and Forest green. Hunter is often referred to as simply green. It is a lighter colour green than Hunter, but still much darker than the pale green.

The Blue Group shows five colours, and at least a bit of a naming controversy. The shades are: Dark blue (sapphire); Blue; Peacock blue; Sapphire (translucent blue); and Pale blue. Note that the dark blue (which is nearly black) is probably retired. It was used before the translucent scales were introduced and was referred to, on at least some packages, as sapphire. This is of course the name that Victorinox now uses for the translucent shade of blue.

Victorinox has three shades of the colour purple. The purples are distinctly darker than the pink group discussed below. The shades are: Plum purple; Pale purple; and Translucent purple. The plum purple is often referred to as simply purple.

The pink group has four shades. Note that these are generally brighter and lighter than the purples. The shades are: Raspberry sherbet; Pale pink; Hot pink; and Translucent pink.

The monochrome groups covers all the shades from white to black. They are: White; Gray; Onyx (translucent black); and Black.

Not included in the above group are the later SilverTech scales, introduced in 2008. These scales are clear, translucent plastic, with a silver backing, so technically it is not a solid colour, though some may include it in the monochrome group.
Since the SilverTech scales were introduced, Victorinox has had gold and white backings to the clear scales in the 'Olympic' Climber and the 2015 Christmas model.

Other Colours
It should be noted that beyond the solid colours listed above, there are a number of other options, including: Camouflage; Edelweiss flower patterns and colours; Tie-dye designs and colours; StayGlow scales that glow in the dark, and a number of Carbon-fibre; Natural wood and Horn scales.

Tye-dye Colours
Tye-dye Colours

Alox Colours

Initially the Victorinox Alox palette was smaller than than the Cellidor list, however in recent times this trend has been reversed. Alox models were initially only available in the following colours: Red; Green; Black; Blue; Light Blue; Brown; Silver (natural colour); and Copper.
In 2007 a Limited Edition set of (Euro) colours was introduced for the 58mm Classic SD Alox: Blue/Turquoise, Lime-green, Hot-pink, Autumn-orange.
Since 2015 Victorinox releases an Annual Limited Edition set of three coloured Alox knives: A Pioneer, Cadet and Classic. Each year's limited edition comes in a different colour.

Standard Alox Colours

Blue, Silver, Red, Green and Black

2007 Alox Classic Euro Colours
2007 Alox Classic Euro Colours
Original Smooth Alox Companion Colours
Original Smooth Alox Companion Colours
Original Ribbed Alox Classic-SD Colours
Original Ribbed Alox Classic-SD Colours

Shades of Red in the Alox 84mm Range

Various shades of red in standard 84mm Alox 
Picture taken by Sneider @multitool.org


Other Alox Colours:

Some of the many Alox colours that have been available (in the past), are shown below.
In addition to colours available directly from Victorinox, certain dealers, from time to time, commission limited editions of specific colours.
Also see the top panel of this page for more information, and currently available Alox colours.

Olive Green Farmer
Victorinox Farmer, Olive green from 2013 special run, numbered and dated.
Aqua Green Long Rancher
This Victorinox Aqua-Green anodized Alox Pioneer Ranger with Marlinspike/Sacking-Needle instead of the typically Reamer tool was manufactured in 2011 as part of a special limited run of 100 knives. The knives are individually numbered on the small pruner/hawkbill blade. The Aqua-Green color anodizing is very rare, and not known to have existed on a 93mm Alox model prior to this. This model/configuration needs a good name.
Gold 84mm Models
Alox 84mm: 5 shades of gold, 
Picture taken by Sneider @multitool.org
Light Blue/Turquoise
Classic Alox Blue Victorinox no:0.6221.L22 one of four in the Euro Series
Light Green
A Classic SD ALOX Green. Model no: 0.6221.L24
A Classic SD ALOX Orange Model no: 0.6221.L28
Alox ClassicSD Brown
Blue (dark shade of blue)
Alox ClassicSD Blue

Click on the coloured box (far right) to visit the 58mm Colours Image Gallery

Wenger Colours

Cellidor (Plastic) Scale Colours

Wenger offered a rainbow of colour choices for various models, both in solid colours and translucent.

Wenger Scale Colour Codes from the 2009 EU Catalog
Wenger Scale Colour Codes from the 2009 EU Catalog

See the Wenger Esquire Page for a list of the many Wenger Esquire scale colours and materials.

Alox Colours

Wenger used red, black and blue colours for their Eloxy (Alox) SAKs. However some models also released in other colours.

Wenger Eloxy family, the Blue Bahia and Green Marbled models
Wenger Eloxy family, the Blue Bahia and Green Marbled models

Other Scale Options

There are a number of other Wenger models or series, including the Luxury Lithos series, which have highly polished, inlaid stone scales; the Macao Series, which have scales with an inlaid Chinese hand lacquer finish; and the Snife Series which have scales with unique custom designs.

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