Wenger 85mm

A 3D Wenger logo I made The Wenger 85mm range are Wenger's 'standard' sized Swiss Army Knives.
These models offer a massive variety in tool selection - including most of the Wenger exclusive  tools.

Since the merging of the Victorinox and Wenger product lines in 2014 - all of these models are withdrawn, however some are still available as Victorinox Delémonts.

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Model List:


Backpacker Series: Several models developed for the US market by Precise Imports.

Basic Series: This was an economy range, with a printed, not inlaid, Wenger logo, and no toothpick or tweezers.

Camouflage Alpine Backpacker
Camouflage Alpine Backpacker

Classic Series:

Dynasty Series: Luxury metal scaled versions of some models

Evolution Series: This series was a later range from Wenger featuring the innovative, ergonomic 'Evolution' scales, and later still the 'EvoGrip' scales.

Evolution 18 (EvoGrip scales)
Evolution 18 (EvoGrip scales)

Footballer Series:

Junior Series: Featuring a rounded 'safety' blade

Security/Sécurité Series: Featuring a locking main blade

Standard Series: A series of basic models from the 1970s

Titanium Series: Very different frame, scales, blade and construction, developed in conjunction with the Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck.

Named Models:

Regular Frame and Scales:

Unique Frames:

  • Patriot - Slim Frame, Alox Scales
  • Premier - A very unusual 84mm Wenger model

Snife (Commander)
Snife (Commander)
Tool Chest Plus
Tool Chest Plus

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