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Black and Red Version In 2005 Victorinox took over Wenger. They ran the two companies completely independently, with separate product lines, for several years.
In 2012 Victorinox announced that they would cease production of Wenger Swiss Army Knives, and from 2014 only Victorinox branded knives were produced. However, Victorinox decided to continue manufacturing some of the former Wenger knives in the 65mm, 85mm and 130mm range under the Victorinox 'Delémont' brand, paying homage to the Delémont valley in the Canton of Jura, Switzerland, where Wenger is based.

The models in the list below, from the Wenger 85mm range, are still available as Victorinox 'Delémonts'. Victorinox kept the Wenger model numbering.

These alterations were made to the Wenger 85mm for the Victorinox versions:
  • Logo: Changed from Wenger to Victorinox
  • Changed Tools: Can opener, awl, toothpick and tweezers were switched to the Victorinox versions
  • Scales: Switched from being overlapping, to being flush with the scales - with matching liner alteration

Main picture: EvoGrip 17

Layer Index:



  • Junior 09 - A two layer model with a rounded locking safety blade, wood saw and Phillips
  • Evolution 10 - Base two layer model with blade, nail file, openers and corkscrew
    Victorinox Delémont Evolution S54
    Victorinox Delémont Evolution S54
  • Evolution 11 - Phillips version of Evolution 10 *
  • Evolution S101- Replaces the nail file with a small blade on the Evo 10; adds lock to main blade
  • Evolution S111 - Replaces the nail file with a small blade on the Evo 11; adds lock to main blade *

  • Evolution 17 - Adds scissors, saw, with corkscrew
  • Junior 03 - An Evolution 17 with a rounded locking safety blade *
  • Evolution 18 - Phillips version of Evolution 17 *

  • Evolution 23 - Adds scissors, saw, magnifying glass
  • Evolution S52 - Adds scissors, saw and pliers
  • Evolution S557 - Adds scissors, pliers, wrench and Phillips

  • Evolution 28 - Adds scissors, saw, magnifying glass, metal file, fish scaler, inline Phillips and wrench
  • Evolution S54 - Largest Delémont 85mm knife. Adds pliers and ruler/compass to Evolution 28 tool set

  • Cigar 36 and 79 - Features a specialized cigar cutting tool, one of the Wenger unique tools carried over by Victorinox

Notes: The 'S ' prefix in the model number designates a locking main blade - although most of the models in this list are also available in 'S' versions.
* Indicates a joint page with the corkscrew model

Current 85mm Delémonts (2020)

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