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Soldier 2008 The Victorinox 111mm models are a later Victorinox design, featuring locking blades and offering larger, more robust models than their 91mm cousins. These models are great for outdoor use, trade work, rescue personnel, or general heavy duty day-to-day tasks. They were announced around 1986, and initially featured a slide-lock mechanism (patented in 1985), with a lock-release button embedded in the bottom scale. The first Victorinox brochure to feature these models was in 1987.

The second-generation came out in 1994, following the introduction of the Dutch Army Knife {DAK} in 1993, and featured a more robust liner-lock mechanism for the most demanding of tasks, in rescue and military operations. This family did not replace the slide-lock models rather introduced new models that were available alongside the originals.

Until 2008, all the models in the series used a Nylon synthetic handle, but since then some of the liner-lock models became available with dual-density injection moulded Polyamide (PME-6) synthetic handles. Also in that year in the Swiss Army’s Official Soldier's Knife became a 111mm liner-locking knife - with dual density scales. See image right.

For several years both liner and slide-lock models were produced. However in 2017 Victorinox completely revised their 111mm product line, and ceased production of the slide-lock models. Some slide and liner-lock models were retired, some models were renamed and some converted from slide to liner-lock. See links below and layer and individual pages for details.

111mm Family Tree and Poster

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Original Slide-Lock Models - Some now available as liner-lock models
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111mm Family Tree - All Models and Lock Types

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111mm Family Posters - Current models (2020) - All liner-locking

Note: Some of these models were originally slide locking - See this page for models that were converted.

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