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Soldier 2008 The Victorinox 111mm models are a later Victorinox design, creating larger more robust knives than their 91mm cousins, and featuring a locking blade.
They were first introduced round about 1986, and initially featured a slide-lock mechanism, with a lock-release button embedded in the bottom scale. These knives are great for outdoor use, trades work, rescue personnel, or general day to day tasks.
The second-generation knives, which came out in 1994, with the introduction of the DAK (tbc), featured a more robust liner-lock mechanism for the most demanding of tasks, in rescue and military operations.
Until 2008 all the knives in the series used a Nylon synthetic handle, but since then some models became available with dual-density injection moulded Polyamide (PME-6) synthetic handles. Also in that year in the Swiss Army’s Official Soldier's Knife became a 111mm liner-locking knife. See image right.
For several years both liner and slide-lock models were produced. However in 2017 Victorinox completely revised their 111mm product line, and ceased production of slide-lock models. Some slide and liner-lock models were retired, some models were re-named, and some converted from slide to liner-lock. See layer and individual pages for details.

111mm Family Tree and Poster

Tool and Model Comparison Matrices:
Original Slide-Lock Models - Some now available as liner-lock models
Original Liner-Lock Models

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Dual Pro
Dual Pro

Models marked with an asterix (*) are currently withdrawn (2019).

Family Tree and Poster

111mm Family Tree - All Models and Lock Types

Diagram created by Max Stone from MultiTool.org
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111mm Family Poster- Current models (2020) - All liner-locking

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