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A few books have been written about Swiss Army Knives, with most of written for the collector or serious enthusiasts.  Some deal with Swiss Army Knives in general while others are specific to just Victorinox or Wenger models.

Books Discussing Both Companies

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Les Couteaux du Soldat De L'Armee Suisse

Couteaux du Soldat De L'Armee Suisse - Book Cover

Book Details:
Alternate Title: The Soldier Knives of the Swiss Army
Author: Robert Moix
Publication Date: August 2013
Language: French
Format: A4 - 21cm x 29.7cm (8.3 in × 11.7 in).
Binding: Softcover
Status: In-Print

Couteau du Soldat Suisse

Couteau du Soldat Suisse - Book Cover

A French language reference book on the Swiss Soldier Knife. An English language Introduction is also provided. This is a very short chronological reference book, that gives details on each model of the Swiss Soldier Knife. Probably the most useful information is the collection of different tang-stamps from the early Soldier Knives since these can be hard to acquire in a personal collection. The core reference material weight, size, production years, and marks are easily interpreted in any language as it is numeric and pictorial information. Close to 1/2 of the book is devoted to photographs.

The English language translation is incomplete and seems like a last minute thought. The introduction is missing the 1951 entry so it reads incorrectly, and the very short notes on some models and marks are not translated.

The collector interested in the details of Swiss soldier knives will probably find this book a convenient reference.

Book Details:
Alternate Title: Swiss Army Knife
Author: Thierry Deladoey
Publication Date: October 2012
Language: French (also English language introduction, and table headings)
Format: 14.7cm x 21cm (5.75" x8.25") - 57 pages
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: no cataloging information
Status: In-Print

The Swiss Army Knife - Owner's Manual

Swiss Army Knife, The ~--~ Owner's Manual; Book Jacket

This book contains a wealth of information that will be appreciated by collectors. The author does seem unsure though about what exactly he wanted the book to be. “Owner’s Manual” was a good idea that would have separated it from previous books, but the material contained between the covers is too diverse. The lack of focus combined with poor organization and flow is likely to make it harder than necessary for the less initiated to absorb. A less serious issue is some well documented facts are presented with question, while other less documented and incorrect information is presented without question. The photographs are interesting and informative. Not a book to start with, but a good one to work up to.

Book Details:
Full Title: The Swiss Army Knife - Owner's Manual
Author: Michael M. Young
Publisher: self-published - as of November 1st, 2011
Publication Date: 2011, October
Type/Pages: softcover; 223 pages, 96 color photographs
ISBN: 978-0-615-50351-6 / 9780615503516
Status: In-Print

Swiss Army Knife Handbook - The Official History and Owner's Guide

Swiss Army Knife Handbook- The Official History and Owner's Guide

Kathryn Kane is the undisputed godmother of all SAK mods and this book explains her views on various uses and modifications that can be done with various Swiss Army Knife models. It also contains a brief history of both companies and details on many individual tools. It also includes a foreword by Rick Wall, the President of the Swiss Army Knife Society at the time.

Book Details:
Full Title: Swiss Army Knife Handbook - The Official History and Owner's Guide
Author: Kathryn Kane
Publisher: Birdworks Publications
Date: 1988
Type/Pages: Softcover, 94 pages
Status: Out of Print

Swiss Army Knife Companion - The Improbable History of the Worlds Handiest Knife

Swiss Army Knife Companion: The Improbable History of the Worlds Handiest Knife - Book Cover

A humorous book about SAKs. It has a short history without many details and lots of humorous pictures detailing how everything from a pup-tent to a kitchen sink can be found in a SAK.

Book Details:
Full Title: Swiss Army Knife Companion - The Improbable History of the Worlds Handiest Knife
Author: Rick Wall
Publisher: Swiss Army Knife Soceity
Date: 1986
Type/Pages: Paperback, 64 pages
ISBN: 9780961803506
Status: Out of Print

Books Discussing Victorinox


A Collector's Guide to 58mm Small Size Pocket Knives

Collector's Guide to 58mm Small Size Pocket Knives, A - Daniel J. Jacquart, 2006

This book, a 9"x71/4" three ring 1" binder, is a comprehensive cataloging of the Victorinox 58mm sized knives. The book starts with a numerical model index, followed by a page for each knife, with details about the knife including when it was made, when it was discontinued, details about the tool set, and the product numbers (not all information is available for all models). A black and white picture is included for most models. The numerical model index gives details on colors and styles available and the product number suffix-codes for these variations. The publication is designed to be expanded or updated with information as additional existing knives are identified or new models are manufactured. This book would be very valuable to anyone collecting the 58mm knives or interested in the different variations or themes that Victorinox has manufactured over their long history.

Book Details:
Full Title: A Collector's Guide to Victorinox 58mm (2 1/4") Small Size Pocket Knives
Author: Daniel J. Jacquart
Publisher: Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Society
Date: 2006 (First Release), (1st official update in progress)
Type/Page: Three Ring Binder, 8.5"x5.5" pages
Status: Available from Author/Publisher
Cost: $14.95, + Postage ($8 USA, $10 foreign)
Contact: tovsakcs (AT) mwt.net

A Collector's Companion

A Collector's Companion - 1st Ed. - Book Cover A Collector's Companion - 2nd Ed. - Book Cover

This book does a decent job of giving the history of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, and contains many high quality pictures. Wenger is briefly mentioned, but the book focuses on Victorinox and their knives. There are several pictures of knives, company buildings, and the family which has controlled the company since its inception. While it's billed as a "Collector's Companion" there is not too much information on the history of the different models or their variations over the years. Still, a serious collector should probably have this book on their shelf.

There seems to be quite a few printings, and some confusion about official editions of the book. It appears the different printings of the official editions include some additional information on new models. Cataloging information within the books appears incomplete with respect to printing.

Book Details:
Full Title: Swiss Army Knives - A Collector's Companion
Author: Derek Jackson

Publisher: Compendium Publishing Ltd. and Apple Press
Date: 1999
Type/Pages: Hardcover, 192 pages
ISBN: 1-84092-235-4

Publisher: Compendium Publishing and Communications
Date: 2004
Type/Pages: Hardcover, 194 pages
ISBN: 978-1902579-70-2
Status: out-of-print

Second Edition:
Publisher: Compendium Publishing; Revised, Updated and Expanded Ed edition (May 31, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1-90557-342-1
ISBN-13: 978-1905573-42-4
ISBN-13: 978-1905573-70-7
Status: Believe to be still in print (12/09)

The Knife and its History

The Knife and its History Das Messer

Published in 1984 for Victorinox's 100 year anniversary, the book dedicates roughly half its pages to a brief history of knives and knife manufacturing throughout the world. The remainder of the book recounts the history of Victorinox and their knives. There are a number of photos and illustrations with several pictures being half or full page. Beautifully done, with a hardcover binding. From a collectors stand point there is not much information on specific models, but the detailed history might help focus ones collection or simply increase one's appreciation for Victorinox and the Swiss Army Knife.

Book Details:
Full Title: The Knife and its History
Author: Victorinox
Publisher: Victorinox
Date: 1984
Type/Pages: Hardcover, 192 pages
Status: Out of Print
Availability: as of Dec. 2010, this book is still available in new condition from different sellers catering to the SAK collector. It may also be available to resellers directly from Victorinox through their sales rep.

Books Discussing Wenger


A Fervour Over Knives

Image Image

Published by Wenger S.A. in 1993 to commemorate their 100th Anniversary.

Wenger also created special gift packaging for this book.

Book Details:
Full Title: A Fervour Over Knives
Author: Wenger S.A. / Various
Publisher: Wenger S.A.
Date: 1993
Type/Pages: hardcover, 152 pages
LC Control Number: 95186216
Open Library: OL3134540W
OCLC: 034767219 - WorldCat Entry
Status: Out of Print

General Swiss Army Knife Books

Werken mit dem Taschenmesser

Werken mit dem Taschenmesser: 26 Schnitzanleitungen vom Klangstab bis zum Segelboot; Book Jacket

This is a German language title that is intended for anyone educating children on the use and care of pocket knives.  The book presents 26 different fun educational outdoors projects such as musical instruments, toys, eating utensils, and survival tools.  All these are accomplished with varying degrees of skill and a multi-tool pocket knife (Victorinox models are used throughout the book).  The book is a good quality medium format size with good photographs and very good illustrations for each project.  The book also covers basic knife safety, care, cleaning, and sharpening.  It also provides education on how a Swiss Army Knife is put together with a detailed diagram of the individual pieces from the blades to the bushings.  Handle, or scale, removal and replacement is also covered.  There is some basic anatomy information on cuts, and medical information for dealing with them.

Overall this looks like a great book, and it fills a need for more resources for parents, educators, kids, and pocket knives.

A French language translation was released in March 2013 (Couteau suisse: Techniques, applications et 26 projets concrets).  Hopefully and English language version will eventually be released, at least in an ebook form, and I'm sure other languages would be appreciated as well.

Book Details:
Full Title: Werken mit dem Taschenmesser: 26 Schnitzanleitungen vom Klangstab bis zum Segelboot
Author: Felix Immler
Publisher: AT Verlag (in partnership with Victorinox)
Publication Date: April 2012
Language: German
Format: 20cm x 25cm (approx. 7 3/4 x 9 7/8)
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-03800-665-7 (4th Edition/Printing 2013)
Status: In-Print

French Language Translation:
Full Title: Couteau suisse : Techniques, applications et 26 projets concrets
Author: Felix Immler
Translator: Emmanuel Studer
Publisher: Rossolis (in partnership with Victorinox)
Publication Date: March 2013
Language: French
ISBN: 978-2-94036-559-3
Status: In-Print

The Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife, the - by Peter Hayden

A children's story in which the main character gets his first Swiss Army Knife.

Book Details:
Full Title: The Swiss Army Knife
Author: Peter Hayden
Illustrations by: Clint Banbury
Series: The Stingy Simon Series - Volume 6

Publisher: Crazy Horse Press
Date: 2005
Type/Pages: Paperback, pages 64
ISBN: 1-87187-025-9

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