Wenger Alinghi Rescue Knife

Wenger Alinghi Rescue Knife The Wenger Alinghi Rescue Knife (aka the 'Alinghi Strap Cutter') is a very unusual single-layer Swiss Army Knife, not available to the general public. It features a unique strap-cutter blade built into the frame of the knife, a regular one-handed blade and no other tools.

This model was developed in cooperation with the Switzerland based Alinghi Sailing Race Team, along with the other models in the Alinghi Series. A knife was issued to Alinghi team members so that they could overcome the potential nightmare scenario of getting caught in the catamaran’s nylon webbing if the boat capsized.
According to information received from a respected member of Multitool.org, this model was also available for purchase during Alingni events.

It is understood that around 500 pieces of this model were made.

Discontinued model, fairly rare.

Layer Tools

The Rescue Knife on board Alinghi
The Rescue Knife on board Alinghi

Frame Tools

  • Fixed Rescue Blade - The unique strap-cutter blade built into the frame of the knife - See details via this link

Alinghi lettering is etched into the knife frame


This model features Wenger’s patented Evolution Grip contoured handles with black rubber inserts. One side carries the Wenger cross logo, which is a push button, which, when depressed, releases the liner-lock on the knife blade.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 130mm - Nominal frame size without the rescue tool protrusion

Related Models

There were three generally available 130mm models in the Alinghi series, all featuring an Alinghi etched serrated blade, pliers, a marlinspike and additional tools depending on the model. See the Alinghi Series page and individual model pages for full details of the series and other models.

130mm Ranger Models Tool to Model Matrix

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