Swiss Champ Full Tool Display The SwissChamp can be considered Victorinox's current masterpiece and top of the range.

Consisting of eight tool layers containing almost every tool, it is still small and light enough to be carried in a pocket.
The 91mm SwissChamp was introduced in 1985, and has had only slight updates since. Victorinox makes larger knives, but the SwissChamp is probably the largest knife that is practical to carry and can be used for a wide application area.
The 33 function SwissChamp pictured, consists of 64 individual parts.

The SwissChamp Super Timer is a fairly rare model that includes an analog timepiece in the scales rather than the tweezers. It is the Swisschamp  version of the more well known two-layer Time-keeper model.
The Super Timer was also available with the SOS Kit packaging.
The Super-timer model is discontinued.

Layer Tools

SwissChamp SuperTimer
SwissChamp SuperTimer

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

The SwissChamp SuperTimer removes  the tweezers and adds the:


The SwissChamp is available with many different options for the scales. See the Identifiers section.


  1. The scales used on the knife can vary greatly, see the Identifiers section. The specialty scale options such as Hardwood, Stag, and Mother of Pearl, are available in two basic variations, that either include, or not, the toothpick, tweezers and pen in the scales.
  2. The 100th Anniversary (1897-1997) Special Edition version was released in 1997 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the "Officer's Knife". Each knife has a serial number stamped on the liner behind the cork screw (but is not limited), a special red blade etching "VICTORINOX" logo and "100 years Swiss Army Knife", sold in a special metal tin with an embossed evolution image that is also printed in silver on the top scale. A matching 100 Year Spartan model was also released an the same time.
  3. Tiffany and Co. sells a special Sterling Silver with 18K Gold Shield version of the SwissChamp.

Survival / SOS Kits

The SwissChamp has been made available in a number of different packages over the years.
One of the more interesting ones is the various SOS Kits, which include a number of extra survival tools and accessories.


The SwissChamp replaced the earlier Champion Model in 1985 as the top model.
Since its introduction the SwissChamp has gone through small enhancements as the Victorinox tools evolved. These included:

  • The earliest SwissChamp models having a narrower version of the Pliers and a glass Magnifying Glass in a grey plastic surround
  • Wider Pliers (1988)
  • Addition of the Pin and Multipurpose Hook (1991)
  • Clear plastic mag glass lens and surround (2004)
  • Stainless Steel version of the Metal File with Saw (2005)
  • Glass mag glass lens in clear plastic surround (2013)

And several other minor upgrades to the tools particularly to the Scissors!
After the introduction of the SwissChamp, the current Champion was still available, eventually evolving into the Champion Plus. It just did not have the same prominent position in marketing, although remains quite popular for those users who prefer a SAK without pliers.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 33mm
  • Weight: 185g (Cellidor), 200g (Stag: 1.6791.66)


  • 53501 US Model: Red Cellidor Scales
  • 53503 US Model: Black Cellidor Scales
  • 53506 US Model: Ruby Red Translucent Scales
  • 53507 US Model: Sapphire Blue Translucent Scales
  • 53511 US Model: Red Cellidor scales w/SOS Pouch A
  • 53513 US Model: Black Cellidor scales w/SOS Pouch A
  • 53520 US Model: Rosewood Scales
  • 53523 US Model: Horn Scales
  • 53524 US Model: Stag Horn Scales
  • 53525 US Model: Mother-of-Pearl Scales
  • 53526 US Model: Hardwood Scales
  • 1.6791.xx Victorinox AN: no toothpick, no tweezers, no pen, no straight pin, various scale materials/colors (.xx designation)
  • 1.6794.xx Victorinox AN: toothpick, and tweezers, no pen, no straight pin, various scale materials/colors (.xx designation)
  • 1.6794.J97 Victorinox AN: 100th Anniversary Edition
  • 1.6794.T7 Victorinox AN: SilverTech scales, no pen
  • 1.6795 Victorinox AN: Red, Plus Scales
  • 1.6795.7 Victorinox AN: White, Plus Scales
  • 1.6795.69 Victorinox AN: Hardwood Scales (with t/tw)
  • 1.6791.66 Victorinox AN: Staghorn Scales (without t/tw)
  • 1.6791.63 Victorinox AN: Wood Scales (without t/tw)
  • 1.6796 Victorinox AN: Super Timer - Red watch scales
  • 1.6796.3 Victorinox AN: Super Timer - Black watch scales

Related Knives

  • Champion Plus - No pliers
  • Champion - An ancestor: no pliers or hook. Other tool variations depending upon the Champion version.
  • SwissChamp XLT - Adds Spatula, Electrician's blade, Small Pruner Blade, and Bit Driver.
  • SwissChamp XXLT - A very large knife: includes a butane gas lighter.
  • SwissChamp XAVT - Pretty much every tool you can have in a SAK
  • Cybertool 41 - Another large knife with a similar toolset to the Swisschamp: Loosing the fish scaler and mag glass/Phillips layers; adding the Bitdriver .


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