Swiss Army Knives Special Series

Victorinox and Wenger from time to time produce series of models.
The series are sometimes created in collaboration with a specific reseller and the quantity produced is usually significantly less than for a standard model. They may only be sold through a specific reseller, or distributor, or in a single, or limited number of markets,
The series are often targeted specifically at collectors, or are luxury priced items, featuring additional scale and/or blade art. The special attributes of these series and their limited production quantities generally make them more collectible. They can often be hard to locate after the series has been sold out.

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Victorinox Models

Delémont Collection

Size Layers Pics
130mm 1 2 3 4 Image
85mm - 2 3 4 5 + Image
65mm 1 2 3 Image

Wenger Models

Additional Information

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