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58mm Combo Tool- The current version features a Cap Lifter, Phillips screwdriver with magnetized tip, and wire stripper. An earlier version of this tool had a magnetic Flat edge screwdriver instead of a Phillips. This is the Phillips Screwdriver version of the 58mm combo tool. This is the Flat Screwdriver version of the 58mm Combo Tool.

84/91mm Combo Tool- This tool typically replaces the Cap Lifter and Can Opener tools on some knives. The tool incorporates a flat head screwdriver, can opener, cap-lifter (bottle opener), and wire stripper. This tool is noticeably thinner than its Can Opener and Cap Lifter cousins, measuring only 1.44mm in width at the tang. The tool is identical on both 84 and 91mm knives. The earliest versions of the tool did not have a "Half-Stop" to allow the tool to catch for use in the 90 degree position. The tool was officially introduced in 1982 [this date is in question, 1980 seems closer] on 84mm models, and in 1986 on 91mm models. While they look very similar, the 84mm and 91mm combo tools are not the exactly the same. However, an 84mm combo tool will fit in a 91mm SAK, although it sits a little low in the frame, and will need to be drilled out to fit the larger pins.  84/91mm Combo Tool Usage

108mm Combo Tool- The 108mm combo tool is the largest version and features a flat head screwdriver, wood saw, can opener, and cap lifter. Some versions also have a nail-file/match striker on the side of the saw blade, but this variation is found mostly on non-Victorinox manufactured GAKs. Earlier catalogs referred to this version of the tool as the Utility Tool.


111mm Combo Tool- This tool is nearly identical to it's 84mm and 91mm counterparts. It has the same basic design shape and length, but the 111mm Combo tool has the advantage of being much thicker at the tang, measuring 1.96mm (just slightly less than the 2mm thickness of a typical 84 or 91mm cap lifter).

GolfTool Combo Tool- This tool is unlike any other combo tool in that it is specially made for use in golfing. There is a Tee punch with groove cleaner, nail file & bottle opener found on this tool.

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65mm Combo Tool- This small knife model incorporates a cap lifter, wire stripper and flat head screwdriver. Wenger 63mm Combo Tool. This one has a Cap Lifter, Screwdriver and a Wire Stripper.
85mm Combo Tool- This version functions as a flat head screwdriver, can opener and bottle opener. Wenger 85mm Combo Tool with Cap Lifter, Can Opener, Screwdriver and Wire Stripper.
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